Passionate Game Streamer, Father, Web Designer.

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Portfolio +

Im more than a driven father. I am also a web designer. I have been coding websites since myspace custom profiles was a thing. Before Facebook! So yeah I been around awhile. I have done and participated in a lot of jobs over the years. Some I am sure you have heard of but I can not name sadly. Anywho, I also provide PC Training, PC Repair, Website Management and Un-Managed Hosting Solutions. I on the side also can provide domain management, game server and voice server hosting aswell. I have run small and very large websites/Communities, and when I have had my fill I sell them to someone else who may be more intrested in taking over.

Previous Work

Feel free to contact me any time at [email protected] for a quote. I will soon be posting pre-built scripts and designs. I may even post some free ones in the future. We will see about it.